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This portal is made available to Missouri surveyors (and others) to provide

  1. Access to content created exclusively for Missouri surveyors and those interested in surveying as technicians, prospective licensed surveyors and other persons with an interest in surveying
  2. Access to other content created by GeoLearn
  3. Financial compensation to the Society when courses are accessed through this portal

If you’re looking for credible, complete online education to get yourself “topped” up with PDUs for license renewal, our portal is a great place to get them. You can take the courses anytime, anyplace that you can access the Internet. If you need courses on the Missouri Standards and other Missouri-related information, check the list below. Some of them meet the Missouri Board’s (APEPLSPLA) requirements outlined in 20 CSR 2030-8.020 1(A). See text of the requirements below.

Effective July 30, 2021 the licensee may get all 20 PDU's hours online; however they will still need 2 PDUs in Surveying Standards. 


  • How do I access the MSPS online learning portal?
    Click here to get there.
  • Is there an URL I can save on my device to get there faster?
  • I’m having trouble figuring out how to search for and buy a course. Can you help?
    Click here to access a “how-to” video.
  • The MSPS online portal doesn’t seem to be working. I can’t see the portal or information doesn’t seem to be properly displayed. What can I do to improve performance?
    First re-boot your computer. Then, open a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Note that users report varying degrees of success using the Microsoft browsers (Edge and the older Explorer). DO NOT use older browsers such as Netscape or AOL.
  • Are the courses on this portal acceptable for PDUs for the Missouri Land Surveyor Licensing Board?
    Yes, unless otherwise indicated. See the list of courses below that have been specifically approved by the Board because they related to Missouri-specific content such as the standards. Other courses created by GeoLearn have been reviewed and approved for PDUs by Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, and the Missouri Board accepts such a review process.
  • Does the Missouri Board accept online courses for PDUs?
    Yes, all 20 hours of PDUs may be acquired through online courses.
  • How do I pay for the courses?
    Once you select a course and click on “buy,” you will be taken to a secure payment page where you can enter your credit card details.
  • How do I start taking courses?
    Check the “how-to” video link above. But in summary, you will be asked to login with an email address and to create a password. You will be then asked for some details about yourself. They are not ALL mandatory, but we need some so that we can identify you as a unique person. Be sure to hang on to your login credentials in a secure place.
  • Do I have to take the course in one sitting?
    The courses run an hour and you can complete them in one sitting. But you can leave and return, review some of the previously viewed material if you wish and continue as many times as you want. You will need your login information to get back to your paid-for course. You have 365 days to complete it.
  • Do I have to complete the course in a certain time period?
    You have 365 days to complete it. The good news is, once you complete the course, you have the rest of the 365 days to return to the course and review it as much as you want.
  • What happens when I complete the course? Do I get a certificate?
    After you’ve completed the course content, you have two options. You can “self-certify” or you can take the optional final exam. You choose. “Self-certify” means you will get a certificate emailed to you that basically states you were there.
  • If I take the final exam, what happens?
    You will be given a 10-20 question multiple choice exam. You will be given three chances to pass it with a grade of 70%. Once you’ve passed it, you will get a certificate emailed to you that indicates you took the exam and passed it.
  • I didn’t get my certificate. What should I do?
    First check that you actually completed the course. There is an evaluation or survey that you are asked to complete and that is required to receive your certificate. Then check your junk or spam folders. If you don’t find it there, write to Support on the form provided after clicking on “Contact” at the top of the page.
  • I got my certificate but I can’t find it.
    No worries. Login with your credentials. Click on “Education Tracker” on the left hand menu list. See the list of your courses. Click on the course(s) names. You’ll see an additional clickable box “View Certificate.” You can then download that digital file or print it, or both.
  • Is there one place where I can copy or download all my continuing education taken on this portal?
    Yes, Click on “Education Tracker” on the left hand menu list. Set the time period that you want; then click on “Export Summary Report.” That report has all the information needed for your PDU reporting form. See excerpt from statutes (327.351 §9 below).
  • I want to provide feedback on the course.
    You’ll be asked for feedback at the end of the course. You can also click on “Contact” at the top line to send an additional message.

Missouri-specific courses created by MSPS for Missouri surveyors are listed below.

They all have been approved by the Board for PDUs, they additionally meet 20 CSR 2030-8.020 1(A)’s requirement for content on Surveying Standards, etc. (See details of the Regulation below.)

  1. Missouri Standards For Property Boundary Surveys, Part I. One hour. Presenter Ron Heimbaugh, State Land Surveyor

  2. Missouri Standards For Property Boundary Surveys, Part II. One hour. Presenter Ron Heimbaugh, State Land Surveyor

  3. Missouri Corner Registration and Mapping Survey Standards. One hour. Presenters Scott Faenger and Tyler James respectively of the Missouri Land Survey Program

  4. Digital Cadastral Mapping Standards, 1st and 2nd Order Horizontal and Vertical Control Standards, and Surveyor’s Real Property Report. One hour. Presenters Jamie Elliott, Jess Moss and Ron Lather respectively of the Missouri Land Survey Program

GeoLearn courses on other topics

You may enjoy some these…

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey topics by Gary Kent

  • Importance of Surveyor’s Notes on a Plat by Dick Elgin

  • Introduction to geodesy concepts by David Doyle

  • And many, many more from Joe Paiva, Wendy Lathrop and Dennis Mouland, among others.

The regulations and statutes quoted below are only excerpts (and only on the general subject of continuing education). See the full text of the regulations, click here to access the Missouri Board’s site, then click on “Rules and Statutes” and select “Board Rules and Regulations.” See the full text of statutes Chapter 327 here.

20 CSR 2030-8.020 Professional Land Surveyor—Professional Development Units (regulations)

(1) Each licensed professional land surveyor, as a condition for renewal of his/her license, shall complete a minimum of twenty (20) professional development units (PDU) each two- (2-) year period immediately preceding renewal, except as provided in section (2) of this rule.

(A) Of the required professional development units, licensed professional land surveyors shall complete a minimum of two (2) professional development units in Surveying Standards (20 CSR 2030, Chapters 16 and 17, and/or Chapters 60 and 327, RSMo) during the two- (2-) year period immediately preceding renewal.

(B) Of the required professional development units in the two- (2-) year renewal period, not more than twelve (12) shall be obtained in nonpersonal contact activities. Nonpersonal contact activities include correspondence courses, video and televised courses, Internet and email courses, or other activities where the presenter is not in physical proximity to the attendee

327.351 Professional license renewal (statutes)

3.  As a condition for renewal of a license issued pursuant to section 327.314, a license holder shall be required to successfully complete twenty units of professional development that meet the standards established by the board regulations within the preceding two calendar years.  Any license holder who completes more than twenty units of professional development within the preceding two calendar years may have the excess, not to exceed ten units, applied to the requirement for the next two-year period.

4.  The board shall not renew the license of any license holder who has failed to complete the professional development requirements pursuant to subsection 3 of this section, unless such license holder can show good cause why he or she was unable to comply with such requirements.  If the board determines that good cause was shown, the board shall permit the license holder to make up all outstanding required units of professional development.

9.  At the time of application for license renewal, each licensee shall report, on a form provided by the board, the professional development activities undertaken during the preceding renewal period to satisfy the requirements pursuant to subsection 3 of this section.  The licensee shall maintain a file in which records of activities are kept, including dates, subjects, duration of program, and any other appropriate documentation, for a period of four years after the program date.