Constitution for The Missouri Society of Association Executives (MSAE)

Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors (MSPS)


For the orderly conduct and management of its affairs according to the laws of the State of Missouri, under which it holds its Charter, the Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors (MSPS) adopts and shall hereafter be governed by the following Constitution, to wit:

ARTICLE I NAME Section A. This Society shall be known as the Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors. Hereinafter the organization will be referred to as the “Society”.

ARTICLE II LOCATION Section A. Headquarters of the Society  shall be in Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri.

Section A. The purpose of the Society is to represent the interests of and be a primary spokesman for the surveying profession in Missouri; to elevate the standards of the surveying profession in Missouri, thereby benefitting the general public; to insure that the general public and offices of records receive superior land surveying that bring about an upgrading of land records; to sponsor legislation and educational programs beneficial to the public and land surveyors; and to improve the professional recognition of the surveying profession by the public and by other related professions.

Section A. Membership in the Society may be divided into such classifications for annual membership dues, or for the selection of direc­tors, or for such other purposes as the ByLaws of the Society may prescribe, or as the Board of Directors may from time to time designate.

ARTICLE V ANNUAL MEETING Section A. There shall be one annual membership meeting of the Society. The date, time, and place may be designated by the Board of Direc­tors.

ARTICLE VI AFFILIATION Section A. The Society may elect to affiliate formally or informal­ly, with an existing organization for more effective legislative effort or public relations, and/or educational purposes. Said affiliation shall be approved by a majority of the members of the Society.

Section B.

  1. The Society, with approval of its Board of Directors, may authorize and charter local chapters, consolidate chapters, or revoke chapter charters for good cause. Chapters shall be co­extensive in geographical area. Application for the charter of a chapter shall be in writing, signed by not fewer than ten Members or more, in good standing, and shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of MSPS for its approval.
  2. Such local chapters shall provide for their internal government and regulations by ByLaws which shall not be in
  3. conflict with the ByLaws of the Society and which shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Society for its approval.
  4. Voting chapter membership shall be determined by the chapter Constitution/ByLaws with the restriction that any chapter vote that directly affects the operations or policies of MSPS shall be limited to those chapter members that are also voting members of MSPS in good standing.
  5. Chapter Presidents and Vice President or President Elect shall be voting members in good standing

ARTICLE VII AMENDMENTS Section A. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by the Board of Directors of the Society, or by a written request of not fewer than ten members in good standing. Section B. Proposed Amendments shall be submitted to the members in good standing, by letter ballot, and shall pass by a 2/3 majority of the members voting within thirty (30) days of said mailing.

ARTICLE VIII BOARD OF DIRECTORS Section A. The management, affairs, business and concerns of the Society shall be vested in the members. However, all details of manage­ment, affairs, business and concerns of the Society are delegated to a Board of Directors, except for the power of amending the Constitution or ByLaws of the Society. Section B. The number of directors which shall constitute the whole Board shall be fixed by, or in a manner provided in the ByLaws of the Society.

ARTICLE IX BYLAWS Section A. The Society shall have power to make ByLaws for the further governing of the Society. Such ByLaws shall not be inconsistent with the laws of the United States of America, the laws of Missouri, or with the provisions of this Constitution.