Oct 13, 2022

Surveying Business Records and other items for sale

Mid Missouri Surveying business items (operating out of Columbia, MO)

Mid Missouri Surveying Business Items and Records FOR SALE. 

And this could be an opportunity to set up a business in central Missouri or add to an existing one in the area.

Around 2500 + files of the primary business for Boone, Callaway, Cooper, Howard and various area counties, east & west of Columbia.  Files are dating from June 1978 to December 1989 as the initial business operation, until transfer of ownership to a Mid-Missouri Engineering firm.  At that time, this business then operated as the surveying department of said engineering firm from December 1989 to July 2010.  A purchase of the surveying records and both of the field and office equipment, allowed for a reconfiguration of the subject survey operation to continue since 2010 as a separate small business.

Forty five years of files of survey projects, field notes, plotting sheets, original signed & sealed drawings, 300 + USGS maps for mid-state Missouri, a computer server with AutoCAD drawing retrieval on the surveys and engineering plans, and computer files, are the items here.  Plenty of research material is included.  Some older survey equipment, desks & tables, misc. furniture, older Chevrolet Suburban (in great shape) could be figured into a purchase, if desired. 

Large client database has been cultivated over these past five decades.  A set of 25 flat file drawers will need to go with the 300 + subdivision plats that match up with the various files, as would a well-organized index of the surveying records – both by subdivision name and also by Section, Township & Range.  There’s at least seven legal-sized file cabinets filled with the 45 years-worth of legal-sized file folders that are included as a part of this sale.  Another set of ten flat file drawers for the working plot sheets, originals, and larger accompanying survey info, will also need to go with this purchase, as these items accompany the files by a sequence number.  And another 20 drawer set of larger flat files with those USGS maps, and also about a dozen, larger development projects information, would be offered with this sale.

This business has become a repository for other misc. files, notes, and original drawings from other area surveyors who’ve passed on, moved on to other locales, or left the profession, and are also included.

Types of surveying notes and files include: land boundaries, construction, topographic, mortgage, route, etc. including subdivision platting, lot surveys, landfill control, hazardous site control, construction staking for streets, sewer, utilities, etc., for municipalities, private developers, utilities, architects and engineers in the Central Missouri area.

Price is negotiable and will be reasonable, depending on just what the interest from a prospective buyer might be. Survey equipment, furniture, work truck, etc. are all optional parts to be considered in pricing.  Office is being vacated and I’m in the process of retiring.  The need here, is to dispose of numerous stored items.

Ron L
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